Today more than ever before, we need safe, clean, sustainable and renewable manufacturing for a better, shared, green future

Using our technology the HutanBio team strives to dramatically not only reduce but also recycle our greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) and allow us to transition to a carbon-neutral society.

High-throughput marine microalgae isolation and characterisation pipelines

Our pipelines rapidly generate new industrial solutions for low-emission, sustainable manufacturing based on safe, robust marine microalgae.

Optimized marine microalgae

Novel microalgal cell factories are optimized for each industrial application.

Sustainable, low-emission products

Low emission biokerosene and biodiesel for aviation and heavy land and marine transport.

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind HutanBio.
John Archer
Chief Executive Officer

Paul Beastall
Exec Chair

Noor Azlin Mokhtar
Chief Operations Officer

Suhaiza Ahmad Jamhor
Business Manager

Amir Fuhaira Ishak

Lead Bioprocess Engineer - Production

Nor Asyiqin Binti Bakeri

Lead Bioprocess Engineer Research & Development

Noor Azman Mokhtar


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